5 reasons why you should consider teaching

Wednesday, 26th July 2017

Dean Thomas-Lowde

I’m Dean Thomas-Lowde –  a former senior school leader and now senior consultant at Castles Education. A teacher makes a difference in the world by enabling each of their students to fully maximise their talents, imagination, skills and character. But, as the consultant in charge of the Graduate Programme at Castles Education, I am regularly asked by graduates: why should I consider teaching? Educationalists will tell you there are so many reasons.


These are my top 5:


  1. Social change.
  • Teaching is not something to just pay the bills. It’s not a profession where you count down the hours left in the day. It is a career, and so much more. By becoming a teacher, you are leaving a lasting legacy on the world by making a real difference to the lives of young people.


  1. Secure employment and opportunities to travel.
  • Teaching overseas is an exciting opportunity. Whether working permanently in international contexts or helping out at summer camps, international opportunities are extensive for UK teachers.


  1. Progression and development.
  • Entering the teaching profession brings a high level of responsibility and opens up the real prospect of development. From moving into leadership positions, completing professional qualifications and managing your own teams the opportunities are endless.


  1. The laughing teacher.
  • Your life as a teacher will allow you to be creative, interactive and engaging. Children are both easily amused and very amusing, so working with them provides many opportunities for laughter.


  1. Variety is the spice.
  • Teaching is more than just a job spec. Teaching is a job that offers a great deal of variety. Each year, teachers get to work with a new group of students with unique personalities, experiences and ideas. Teachers can introduce new topics into the courses, change the way they teach a particular topic or design new classes to keep things new and exciting each year.


There is a demand for great teachers in this country and, for many people, reasons for becoming a teacher are personal. Teachers do more than teach; their impact extends far beyond the classroom; they are united by a desire to positively impact young people’s lives.

Should you require any advice on becoming a teacher or ask any questions about getting into teaching, contact me on dean@castles.education or connect with me on Linked In here.