A £60 fine for parents if their children are late to school

Thursday, 20th July 2017

Guidelines have been issued by schools and education councils across the West Midlands, Sussex, Essex, and Hampshire to families, warning them to send their children to school in time to avoid being charged with a fine. A fine of £60 will be charged to the parents of the latecomers.

With the new procedure in place, parents can be fined up to £60 per child. The fine can double up if the parents have not paid it within 28 days.  It implies that a fine of £240 can be charged to a family if their child is half an hour late to their school.


Winter Gardens Academy in Canvey Island, Essex, earlier this year, announced that students who are unable to reach to the class until after 9am and have missed their registration, will receive a fixed fine.

The announcement was made by the headteacher of the Academy, Mrs. Stalham, stated that students who have reached the class after 9am will be marked as late on the attendance register. Moreover, she said that for those students who are continuously arriving late, a fixed penalty notice will be issued to them. This announcement stirred a rage among the parents

Tom Bennett is a behaviour expert. He is appointed to examine the behaviour in school by the Government in England. He is of the view that students should be asked to walk to school along with their parents instead of charging them with a fine. He believes that it is the worst nightmare for the students to bring their parents along to the school; therefore, this tactic can work more effectively as compared to issuing them with a fixed penalty notice.

Do you agree with the new provision? Or do you experience these kinds of problems in your school?

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