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The benefits of choosing an international teaching post

Teaching overseas is an experience that you might consider at some point in your teaching career.

If you actually take the plunge into teaching abroad, you will find that you have many advantages over your home-bound colleagues. There are incredible personal, financial, and professional benefits when taking an international teaching job, and these positions can be sought and obtained without too much difficulty.

Why consider teaching abroad?

The value of living and working in another country is beyond measure. There are opportunities for you to meet exciting and like-minded people, learn a new language, and navigate life in a new culture. The professional development offered in international schools is often exemplary. The compensation is frequently better than what you make at home, and in many countries that money goes much further than it would in the UK. Many teachers end up staying abroad when they discover how great the lifestyle is, but many return home as well. If you do, you are sure to find that having some experience teaching internationally will be valuable to your new employer. Someone who has been successful teaching abroad is a curious, open-minded asset to any learning community.

Where can you go?

There are international school teaching jobs almost everywhere in the world. People everywhere value the kind of education that UK-trained teachers can offer, and there are thousands of British schools overseas offering the British curriculum to local and international students.  These schools need teachers from all education levels and content specialties. Some schools require a minimum number of years of experience, but many will take even first-year teachers.

How do I apply for international teaching jobs?

If you’re a certified teacher who is trained in the UK, finding a teaching post is relatively easy. There are numerous recruitment organizations that match employers to teaching candidates. Sometimes the match can be made digitally, with online applications, email communication, and Skype interviews taking the place of face-to-face meetings. There are also job fairs in different parts of the world where employers can meet potential candidates and conduct more traditional interviews. It is also possible to apply directly with international schools, but if you are new to the international school scene, using a recruitment organization is by far the best way to get in the game.

What are the schools like?

The schools are mainly public or private day schools, but there are some boarding schools as well.  If you are a fully qualified teacher in the UK you have a good chance of securing a very well paid position in one of the British international schools, but there are also numerous opportunities in other international schools and local private schools as well.  Typically, class sizes are small and access to resources is very good. You will find very small schools where you are expected to teach more than one subject to more than one grade level, and you will also find large schools where you can expect a typical assignment covering one subject or primary level. You’ll also find everything in between! There are hundreds of schools and your recruitment agency will help you sift through them to find a good fit.

What kind of job can I expect to get?

Just like at home, there are all kinds of schools with differing reputations for excellence. Be aware that you may not get your first choice at a top-tier school when you are starting out in the world of international school teaching jobs. Some schools like to hire seasoned international teaching professionals who have proved themselves willing to stick around the international community and stay for at least the length of their contract (typically two years) before moving on. Take your first job with the knowledge that as you accrue years of international teaching experience, you open doors to more and more schools over the course of your time abroad.

I have a family. Can I teach in an international school?

Yes! Many international schools will consider candidates with a dependent partner and/or children. There is often a discount on tuition for the children of teachers. In these schools, medical insurance policies, visas, and other important documents should be addressed for dependents. Schools are typically open about their policies on dependent partners and children, but ask if the information is unclear.

International teaching jobs can give you some of the most fulfilling years of your career. The professional and personal benefits are enormous and finding a job is often easier than you might think. 

Keep an open mind, be flexible, and above all bring your enthusiasm and passion for your work to your new position.

You’ll be rewarded with an incredible experience.

How can I stay updated about international teaching jobs?

Please send your CV and cover letter to info@castleseducation.co.uk today!

You can check out some of our latest opportunities in the UK on our job vacancies page.

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